2019 3rd QTR Newsletter

Dear Partners in Prayer,

As recently in the last two months, Hong Kong has been going through a democracy protest against the government extradition law to be passed so that China can extradite Hong Kong crime suspects into China without a fair trial system like Hong Kong. China’s human rights have been violated so often that many human right activists and lawyers are being unfairly arrested or harassed.

More than 2 million people have marched on the streets of Hong Kong but facing violent opposition from the police. Hundreds of tear gas and rubber bullets are fired towards the protesters. Hundreds of them are violently beaten up and arrested. So pray for peace in Hong Kong and restoration of order soon without further violence on both sides!

There are over 300,000 Canadian passport holders in Hong Kong; and nearly 700,000 foreign passport holders of other countries. I will expect a mass exodus of people immigrating back to those countries in the coming years. Also those young people may reconsider oversea education soon. There are over 80,000 Hong Kong citizens already immigrated to Taiwan. 50 of them have escaped to Taiwan for political asylum recently. Two of them have run to Germany already. We feel safer as we are living in north of Shenzhen city now.

We are currently consultants of one of our students’ house church. The pastor’s family of that church will move to Pakistan to join a children ministry program there in the fall of this year. A lady pastor Joyce is being installed to replace them. Queenie will help her in the pastoral and prayer ministry. I will be responsible for training their church leaders and cell group pastors. This house group has a membership of about 100 migrants.

Our former employee Esther Ye will join our ministry starting in this September. She will be responsible family ministry and administration. Please pray we will raise enough financial support for her.

Chuck & Queenie Chan

Pacific Rim Foundation, Limited (Hong Kong)


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