8 Characters Leadership Seminars

Visionary Leadership Seminars in Shenzhen 2016

1.  Visionary

2. Team Builder

3.  Honesty

4. Courage

5. Faith & Self Confidence

6. Teachable

7. Endurance

8. Focus

"8 Characters of a Successful Leader" series contains 8 sessions of 4 hours each: 

1.  Visionary - will present some guiding principles to help your middle management staffs to locate and find their life mission and the values of their career.  The facilitators will help them through interactive games and discussion, lectures to discover their value system and how to implement them in their career and life situation.  The facilitators will also guide them to build a valuable client base through daily practice of relationship and database building. 

2.  Team Building - help them through building team spirit, relational and communication skills.  Help them to discover the psychology of a team, communication skills and conflict management skills.  Teams will be selected and reshuffled to various value systems for structural team building.  Each team will have to present an oral and written report. 

3.  Faith & Self Confidence - give guiding principles to build faith in themselves and others and also building their self confidence.  Image building and design would be the functional key of this seminar. (Will try to facilitate a professional image designer as a demo!) 

4.  Courage - building team and individual courage by presenting individuals' psychological profile and some interactive group games, discussion and lectures. 
5.  Trustworthiness - character building of trust of oneself and others.  How to build a check and balance system in the company structure to facilitate internal quality audit and management audit.  Building trust by honestly communicate one's opinion and feeling regarding certain issues. 

6,  Endurance - character building of endurance through mental exercises, interactive group games and discussion.  Life experience and career experience sharing.  Will facilitate the leadership team from within your company to activate the group discussions and leadership training. 

7,  Teachable - character building of being able to follow through company projects instructions, obey & implement order of superiors and follow through company's discipline and culture.  Will facilitate the building of a valuable corporate culture. 

8.  Focus - training them how to focus their effort on certain important issues.  Effective time management skills and structural thinking process.  The focus of a change agent and creative change process. 


Please Email: prfoundation@yahoo.com for seminar details and locations