2019 1st QTR Newsletter

Christians United For China (CUFC)

The crackdown of Christian churches inside China continues. Last month, just before the Chinese New Year, 150 leaders of the China Gospel Fellowship network were arrested in Henan while they are attending their leadership meeting. During the raid, one of the pastors had a heart attack. This is one of the largest house church network in China, many of their leaders were under close surveillance by the government. 

Accusing China of violating human rights, a top American lawmaker said fighting for religious liberty should be a top priority in negotiating US and China relationship.

The US doesn’t have the singular authority to stop the religious persecution in China, but it can apply significant pressure to Chinese leaders by linking the need for religious freedom to the economic and political aspects of the bilateral relationship that are important to China, Senator Chuck Grassley said in Politico Magazine.

“As China’s largest trading partner, the US is in a powerful position to influence Chinese leaders and stand up for human rights. Fighting for religious liberty should be a central part of the US’ relationship with China,” he asserted in his op-ed, which comes amidst reports of renewed efforts of religious prosecution of Christians and other religions in the country.

Disturbing reports have surfaced out of China of late detailing the imprisonment of Christian pastors, Bible burning and demolishing of Christian and Catholic churches. Grassley is chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee.

Recently, he introduced a Senate resolution on China’s religious prosecution. The Chinese government has removed crosses from over 7000 Christian churches as of 2018, and has instructed police officers to stop citizens from entering their places of worship, he said. “There have been violent confrontations between government authorities and worshipers, and communist leaders have implemented restrictions prohibiting children 18 years old and younger from participating in religiously-focused education,” Grassley said.

As a community in Christ, we need to pray earnestly for the Chinese churches and their leaders. Please join our Facebook international prayer network: Christians United For China (CUFC) to obtain the most updated information about the churches in China. Let’s pray for them internationally 24/7. (Please click the upper right hand Facebook CUFC button to join our Facebook page and find the linkage to Christians United For China. Remember you have to log into your Facebook Account first.)