2015 Year End Newsletter

                                                                                                         December 31, 2015
Dear Partner,                                         
Our office and our staffs moved from Guangzhou to this southern City of Shenzhen 5 years ago in early 2011.  This is a twin city with Hong Kong as its neighbor.

Shenzhen is a very special city.  Many young people here are chasing after their dreams and their material possessions. They all work very hard. The average age here is only 29 years old.  Therefore, we automatically become their mentors, aunties and uncles.    
This year end we just launched our young adult career workshop and our Mental Focus Workshop.  The target groups are young adults from 18 to 30 years old.  We offer them seminars and workshops in our conference room so that they can mingle and network with each other.  Also these are pre-evan gel*sm events to link them to our leadership training and our online disc*pleship program.  
Last month, several young people came to our house for a Thanksgiving dinner party and 7 of them gave their lives to Christ after the dinner meeting simultaneously. We believe it was the work of the Holy Spirit.
Today, the dark New Age Movement has penetrated China through Life Coaching and Management Seminars. Under disguise of management and leadership coaching, they name themselves "Life Dynamic." People like Anthony Robin are selling more than 10,000 tickets in each seminar event. People are paying a lot of money for their mind control training and transcendental meditation leading to nowhere. Therefore, we have developed a series of Leadership training called the“8 Characters of a Successful Leader" and “Focus Mindset”for these young people and hopefully we can recover their twisted mindset.  
16 years ago, Stacy McGuire and our chairman had started our Factory Association called Quality of Life Association in Hong Kong and we recruited over 30 factories in southern China, with a network of over 200,000 employees. Over the last 15 years, we had led over 35,000 China factory workers and staffs to the faith. Now we are still working with the CEO and managers in China to create a wider platform for ministry. Please continue to pray for us as China is going through a fast transformational change. As this economy becomes wealthier, less people will be willing to listen to the Gospel.
An internet publishing project called Dawn of Asia was started at beginning of this year. People can now read our "Dawn of Asia Magazine" online and download research materials and read testimonies. Also, they can purchase our books online and we can deliver them through courier service to every corner of China, Hong Kong and Macau. A Leadership training program is also online now under the Pac Rim Leadership Institute.

Best Regards,
The Staffs and Management Team of Pacific Rim Foundation, Ltd.
Pacific Rim Foundation, Ltd.